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Moisture Control and Damage Repair

Moisture ControlA home owner’s nightmare:
Mr. Home owner is selling his home of 40 years in the Hampton Roads area and retiring to his long dreamt about log cabin in the woods. His Realtor and everyone he knows thinks his house is beautiful and will have no problem selling it. Realtor asks when the homeowner last had his crawlspace inspected and was it in good shape. Home owner replies “Well….I don’t know. I can’t remember the last time it was inspected” The Realtor, being experienced in her job,’ knows that for the Hampton Roads area that statement could turn out to be a problem. With luck it will be in great condition. But underneath that home major problems could exist that most homeowners never think about, nor do they go crawling around in a dirty creepy area like the average crawlspace. Damages from moisture could cost well into the thousands of dollars to repair.

The Hampton Roads area is surrounded by water, at or close to sea level, has a healthy amount of rainfall every year and very humid conditions during a good part of the year. Add poor drainage, below grade crawlspaces, flooding basements, no gutters, lack of proper ventilation, and poor house designs blocking proper ventilation. Any or all of these factors affect tidewater homes and contribute to some very serious moisture problems.

Hampton Roads Termite and Pest Control Inc. offers free inspections that can detect existing problems and in most cases see contributing factors that may eventually cause problems. We are also licensed contractors that can perform any needed solutions and repairs.  Please call us for a FREE inspection.

  • Dehumidification of basements and crawl spaces
  • Improvement of airflow in crawlspaces
  • Fiberglass crawl doors with removable fiberglass screens
  • Sand fill for below grade, wet crawl spaces
  • Moisture barriers
  • Fungus treatments
  • Crawl space cleanouts
  • Repairs of all moisture related damages
  • Removal and replacement of crawl space insulation
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