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Close to 30 years in this business we have heard all kinds of statements from homeowners, some funny, some strange and certainly some that border on tragic. But common statements like “I saw that but I didn’t know what it was” or “I smelled something but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from” or one of our favorites “holes kept appearing in my walls and I’ve been filling them with toothpaste”. Statements like these are uttered after homeowners find out that there home is being damaged by termites or serious moisture problems. Following is a list of common clues that should help you recognize that – You may have a problem.

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – If you are seeing sawdust (frass) around doors, windows eves, and unpainted wood around your house – carpenter ants, carpenter bees???

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – You’re seeing round holes about the size of the end of your finger along the trim and under the porch railings or any unpainted wood, usually associated with sawdust – carpenter bees??? Sometimes holes will be opened and elongated – Wood peckers going for baby bees????

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – If you’re seeing moisture damaged wood with sawdust in the area. Along with the need to fix the moisture leak – carpenter ants???

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM - If holes start appearing in your interior walls or wood work, usually associated with mud at the site of the hole – Termites???

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – If you start seeing lines of mud coming out of the top of your wood work or along garage wall foundations – termite tubes???

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – If you start having insects flying out of the wall and you mistake them for ants and ignore it – Reproductive termites???

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – If you see insect wings laying around on window sills, counter tops and floors – reproductive termite wings

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – You start noticing a musty odor throughout your home, in closets, in bathrooms – Moisture problems in crawlspace???

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – You notice smells in your home and you can’t identify them – rodent infestation, feral cats, high concentration of roaches???

YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM – If your homes smells beautiful, no signs of problems, and life is good and your crawl space hasn’t been inspected in a while – PLEASE CALL FOR A FREE INSPECTION

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