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Hampton Roads Termite and Pest Control Inc.

Hampton Roads Termite and Pest Control Inc. started as a small company in the Hampton Roads area with the motto “Local Company, Personal Touch.

Our motto defines our company’s philosophy. We treat every customer like they are our first customer. Our goal is and always has been to satisfy each customer or keep trying until we do!

In the pest control world we deal with pests and insects that have survived for millions of years. Each and every animal you consider a pest has a specific purpose in nature. Wood destroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, wood borers and carpenter bees), ants, roaches, silverfish and rodents are nothing but pests in your home.

A “do it yourself approach” is normally ineffective and at best a short term solution. All our pest control operators are highly trained, experienced personnel who will identify, treat and help educate you on ways to control these pests.

So for all your pest control, moisture control, termite and moisture damage repairs, call a professional, call Hampton Roads Termite and Pest Control Inc.


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